Aqua Pin

The Aqua Pin measures the groundwater level (relative to ground level and NAP), the electrical conductivity (salinity) and the soil moisture in a plot. The Aqua Pin is modular, so that the number, type and position of the sensors can be adjusted to the required depth depending on the local field conditions. The Aqua Pin is easy to install in the field: just drill a hole and insert the Aqua Pin. The Aqua Pin itself determines its GPS location and position with cm accuracy and can be moved to any desired location during the season. This means that measurements cannot only be made near the ditch side, as with fixed monitoring wells, but also at the often more interesting locations in the middle or elsewhere on the plot. After all, the Aqua Pin can easily be removed if, for example, the land needs to be worked. Measurements are available in real time via the Fixeau View platform.

Aqua Mobile

The Aqua Mobile makes it easy to measure the salt content of the water in the ditch and drain. An electrical conductivity sensor (EC sensor) can be connected to the Aqua Mobile for this purpose. This sensor also measures the temperature. A separate temperature sensor is also available, useful for measuring the soil temperature. The measurement is saved and sent using the Fixeau Mobile App that you operate via your mobile phone. The measurement is then immediately available on your mobile and on the Fixeau View platform. This leads to real-time insight into the water quality of the water system.


With a strip test and a reference card, an objective measurement of the water quality can be made. The app currently supports strip tests from various manufacturers and substances. a.o. nutrients; nitrate, ammonium, nitrate, phosphate can be measured. But also pH, potassium and iron.