With your Fixeau-view you have direct insight into your water management!

Fixeau View

Fixeau View is the platform on which you have continuous insight into the developments of ground and surface water, simply on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Our vision is that proper disclosure of data results in improved insight. As a result, decisions can be made faster, cheaper and more efficiently. The measurements are made available on the central platform. Here you can read the latest measurements and perform your own analyses. In addition, it is possible to see not only the measurement data of your own equipment, but also that of participants and water managers in the area and these competitive comparisons. In this way a regional insight into the water system is obtained. Insight into the water system on your own yard only really yields results if it is added to information about a larger area. By sharing data (anonymously), your information will also become more accurate and you will improve.

Data, information and advice via Fixeau View

Within the Fixeau Platform, all measurements from farmers and water managers come together in a web-accessible environment. The incoming data is stored in the background and processed in combination with measurements from third parties (water board and KNMI).


The measurement data from your Aqua Pin and Aqua Mobile enter directly on the Fixeau View platform. The incoming data is stored in the background, combined with measurements from third parties and translated into information. Fixeau-view has been developed for daily use with up-to-date data-based advisory services. It provides insight into the current situation in your ditch and plot for a datapoint or area and the possibility to compare measurements and datapoints. Looking back at the data is no problem and we use the measurements to use smart computer models to provide the forecast for the coming period and to provide insight into relevant information (e.g. soil carrying capacity) or the effectiveness of an action (e.g. irrigation or water level adjustment).

Fixeau View is continuously being developed to make it as pleasant to use as possible. Suggestions? Let us know!